Masciarelli Agricole Winery

Winery in the heart of Abruzzo, Italy

Founded by Abruzzo-born Gianni Masciarelli in 1981, Masciarelli and its wines have become the benchmark for the Abruzzo region, and an inspiration to all emerging Italian wine regions. Through tremendous vision and endless innovation, Masciarelli has become one of the most admired wineries in Italy. Gianni brought a strong focus on vineyard sites – reducing yields, working sustainably and bringing new farming techniques to the region – all which greatly increased fruit quality in all Abruzzo. In the winery he broke the mold by gently and precisely handling fruit, and introducing the high quality fruit he had to extended aging, he added depth and complexity to his wines, while also resulting in better integration of tannin, particularly with the tricky Montepulciano grape.

The innovation that Gianni and his wife, Marina Cvetic, brought to the vineyards and the winery has been rewardedwith 29 ‘Tre Bicchieri’, the prestigious award of the most renowned wine guide in Italy, and recognition as a groundbreaking and iconic winery in Italy. Above all, Gianni Masciarelli brought attention to the extraordinary region of Abruzzo, where 30 miles separate snow-capped mountains from the sea. The rich, diverse and proud culture is reflected in the wines, which have soulful, alluring characteristics.

The winery is in San Martino sulla Marrucina, in the heart of Abruzzo in Chieti, in the house that Gianni took over from his grandfather, and the cellar below where he vinified his first vintages. This family story of humble origin is now being taken over by dynamic mother-daughter duo, Marina Cvetic and Miriam Lee Masciarelli, who aim to honour their late husband and father, Gianni Masciarelli, who passed away in 2005. Starting with just 9 acres, today Masciarelli is only producer in Abruzzo to own land in all 4 provinces of Abruzzo -Chieti, Pescara, Teramo and l’Aquila. Their wines are 100% estate grown, organically farmed, and fermented only with wild yeasts from the grapes.

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