Sanguinhal Winery

One of the oldest wineries in Portugal

One of the oldest wineries in Lisbon, Portugal, Agricola Sanguinhal was founded In 1926, by Abel Pereira da Fonseca. An innovator, with a passion for grape-growing and winemaking, Abel planted Sanguinhal’s first vines on virgin land, which has been farmed without the use of harsh chemicals ever since. He was the first in his region to do wire-wound vines, which he did on extreme steep slopes, without the use of tractors. He divided the property into plots based on soil type, utilizing a slightly different approach in each, in order to study more than 30 different grape varieties. People thought he was crazy, but he knew there was a method to what looked like his madness. Abels determination and respect of his land is a philosophy found in the present day 5th generation of his family who have followed in his footsteps.

Today, Sanguinhal has 3 estates or ‘Quintas’ in Obidos, northern Lisbon: ‘Quinta do Sanguinhal’, ‘Quinta das Cerejeiras’ and ‘Quinta de San Francisco.’ While Abel’s practices are still utilized and respected, the new generation has benefited from new technology and equipment in the winery. Sanguinhal wines are a great example of traditional family winemaking and forwardthinking advances, resulting in deliciously well-balanced and approachable wines that tell the tale of their land, and express a distinct freshness that no doubt speaks of the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

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